Fully versed in the requirements to build a successful ecommerce application.

webMethods Integration
Integrated webMethods server with Unidata back end to process orders from customers using procurement systems as well as directly from customer ERP systems. Receive and send XML transactions via wM server. Complete integration with the order processing system.
Catalog Content Mangement
Integrated the SQL Server based Saqquara Systems Content Management software with data provided from wholesalers as well as data from the order processing system for use in the Internet ordering system, wM server and catalog content creation.
Catalog Content Creation
Created content for numerous customers using data from various sources and creating output in whatever format was required by the customer. The include Access, Lotus Notes, XML and flat files.
Customer Ordering Website
Re wrote an existing application to improve performance and add features. Written in asp and javascript using Reback Object to connect to a Unidata back end system.
Electronic Billing
Created electronic files for billing customers using data from order processing systems. Output formats include flat files, access databases and XML. Delivery to customers via http, email, ftp, tape and floppy disk.
Electronic Ordering System
This system predated the popularity of the Internet. A custom written Windows program was fully integrated with the order processing system using EDI transactions with a bulletin board system handling the communications.